I got the tuff cuff today and i was looking through it and is a little confusing to me. Right now, im playing summer ball and i understand that i go to the inseason programs i only see throwing programs, but what workouts do i do inseason? When i do workout do i see every workout i see in the book everyother day? Im just a little confused so any help would be greatly appreicaited

Phase 5 of TuffCuff is all in-season workouts meant to be done in between starts, or for relievers there is a workout to be done twice a week. If you really look at the book, and don’t just skim over the workout charts, it’s not that confusing, just very in depth.

Oh. Thanks. Assuming you use it, how has it worked out for you?

It has worked out amazingly for me, for the first time ever in season I actually felt myself getting stronger, instead of slowly wearing out.