how does tuffcuff work? does it really improve velocity? Would you recommend it?

does reading the book increase velocity? of course not, but nothing that simple will… it sets you on the right track to not only increase velocity but become a stronger pitcher overall, ONLY if you actually put the work in. I bought it, used it for 8 months and saw great results not so much in my velocity, but moreso as being more functionally strong and having my body conditioned that it was able to reproduce the same mechanics over and over again which led to a season in which i earned my schools most improved player of the year and was 2nd in my conference (ECC) in walks allowed
im actually very upset that i left the book on a field 1 day as i was doing the pregame stretching routine
i strongly reccomend it but it is not going to make you better by reading it

ive already had velocity improvements and ive had tuff cuff for a month. you just gotta make sure your dedicated because it takes a lot of work.