Do you guys feel that this book really makes you throw harder and a better pitcher? Is the workout regimen actually hard to where you need to push yourself? I just want a great workout program. I’ve been stressed out by trying to make my own program and I don’t think I can make a whole year thing so I might buy this when it’s in stock. If you could, just post comments about it and how good it is on a scale from 1(horrible)-10(frickin awesome) and if it’s for pitchers that want to advance as far as possible in the sport. Thanks

Has anyone even bought the book?

lol yes tanner and I have an there are more but they don’t go on the site.

Also tanner uses this and can throw 90+ it is good for even the best pitchers around.

does tuffcuff help you get a more explosive pitching delivery and are the strength exercises more advanced lik power cleans, deadlifts, etc. w/ free weights or more basic w/ machines?

p.s. how is the ebook that comes with the plus edition package?

I found the pitching philosophies book an incredible read. I often go back and read through it if I’m struggling on the mound or just need to get focused.

I would buy it again without question.

If your serious about pitching I’d invest in TuffCuff. I’ve only done it 1 week because I play 3 sports and I had 12 games in a row the last 2 weeks. I’ll pick it up this week when I start training for this upcoming soccer season. It is a great book and I’ve looked through a lot of it and it’s just amazing, everythings laid out for you.

thanks guys. i got another question. should i take whey protein only after exercise or everyday? and should i take it twice a day or right after exercise or before i go to bed?

After exercise for sure. That is when the body needs the protein the most. Other than that, you can try having 2 shakes a day if you need a higher protein intake. First thing in the morning can be good, or you could try right before bed if you get some casein protein.

should i take whey even if i dont workout that day?

i want to get tuff cuff

yes, you have a daily protein need you have to get every day. Working out or not… Unless you would rather eat the protein through meats, keep up with whey shakes on non workout days.