I have just purchased the Tuffcuff program and am confused about how and where to start. My son is 13 and we are just starting the season. What about lifting weights at his age and in-season? Any advice from more knowledgeable coaches than me welcome. I’m just a dad and volunteer assistant.

You are going to enjoy Tuff Cuff. My boys have been doing the Tuff Cuff Junior program since the end of October and love it. They do the Rotator Cuff Dumbbell exercises twice a week and the Core workout four times a week along with throwing twice a week. In the junior edition there is a calendar for each month. If Tuff Cuff also has a calendar I would suggest starting with February. Great purchase. While the other kids sit on the sofa with their ipods your son will be working hard. Not only will you see improvement in velocity and accuracy, but you will also see improvement in balance, speed and power in baseball and other sports.