Hey I am 15 yr old sophomore in high school and am looking to play baseball at the college level. I typically played outfield last year for my varsity high school team and travel team, with the occasional start or relief. I throw on average 75 with a max out at about 77, I was wondering if the TuffCuff program could get me to the next level at about 83-85 and if it would help me in areas other than pitching, such as helping improve agility and speed, also better strength for bat speed and power.

Answers would be well appreciated


TuffCuff would be one part of the picture with the others being mechanics, nutrition, and mental/emotional. You’ll need the complete package to move up to the college level.

At a minimum, TuffCuff includes core work and that would certainly benefit you in other aspects of the game.

Thanks for the info

I’d also add work ethic, pitchability (on-field smarts) and grades (off-field smarts) to this list…

Alright thanks for the additional info