Tuffcuff vs. 3x pitching program vs. Ron Wolforth Texas Baseball Ranch

Interested in opinions from whose attended: Texas Baseball Ranch, 3x velocity and Tuffcuff

As a father of a high school pitcher, like many of you on this forum, were all trying to give our kids the best training and development possible to help them reach there goals. Like you, I have invested literally thousands of dollars in an attempt to do all I can do as a parent.

The hope and goal of this thread is to share knowledge and information with all of you so we can help each other make the best possible decisions for our kids.

The following is a very brief overview of 3 programs we’ve engaged in.

September 2015
We attended the Texas Baseball Ranch. 3 day program last summer. A very good program, they helped him with his forearm flyout and provided alot of good conditioning and training regiment. A vast of knowledge with amazing and passionate instructors. However, we experienced zero velocity gains after attending and the post 30 day follow through training regiment.

January 2016
This past winter, we did the 3x program on line course and followed it every single day. Learned alot of good material especially on lower half mechanics. However, zero velocity gains.

May 2016
We started the tuffcuff program 3 weeks ago beginning with phase 4. 25 pitch flat ground bullpen session yesterday, his Velo increased 4 mph average. Were putting in the work over the next 48 weeks with the tuffcuff program and will advise on gains periodically.