TuffCuff Question

This question is mainly aimed at Steven or anyone who has gone through the TuffCuff program. I will be a sophomore in college next year and I want to make some velocity gains this off season. Currently I am playing summer ball until the end of June. I am devoting all of July and August to trying to gain some velo before the fall. So my question is this, can I–or would it be beneficial–to skip Phase 1 of the program that deals with muscular endurance in order to get the most out of the next two months and early months of the fall? (I currently work out very regularly and am in very good shape) frankly, I am not sure muscular endurance is an issue for me right now. Any comments or advice would be appreciated!!

Thank you

DoPhase 5 while you’re still playing Fall ball, and then once you get to the off-season, start with Phase 2, Week 5. You’ll be advanced enough to skip the first phase altogether.