I just received my copy of TUFFCUFF. I was just wondering where to start. My summer season is over and fall ball doesn’t start until the middle of September.

Same question

Phase 5. Since fall ball is so close and you’ll be doing Phase 5 during the fall season, you should start there and be sure to continue throwing from now until the start of your season at least 4 times per week. Good luck and I send my best.

I don’t understand this answer. Phase 5 is In-Season Maintenance.I guess I should have given you more details. The program is for my high school son, he will be 17 in October. According to the program in August there are no workouts. He does not play any fall sports. Is there anything he can be doing right now? He want to improve his pitch speed by the next season which begins in late February. Should we just start with Phase 1 and go by the college schedule?