TUFFCUFF question

I was really interested in getting TUFFCUFF and I’ve read up on everything it includes but I never saw any type of timetable. I might have just missed it when I was reading, but how long will it take to complete? (or is it just a manual and you don’t actually “complete” it?) I’m aiming to try out for my college team as a junior but I do not know if I have enough time to really use the full program or not. Thanks for any help.

There are 5 different phases that are 8 to 12 weeks in length… Just keep throwing, working your bullpens and executing your pitches. Good luck to you…

What is this TUFFCUFF?

Its a great great manual for helping you achieve results. Steven has done a wonderful job of walking players through every aspect of pitching both on and off the field and what it takes to be a successful pitcher. It has everything from running, throwing, nutriton, core work, drills to help you become better.