TUFFCUFF Question: Alternative to Lat Pulldown


I am a 13 year old pitcher following the TUFFCUFF workout program. I only have one problem: The “Lat Pulldown” exercise is scheduled in my workouts quite a lot, and I do not have access to the pulldown machine which it requires.

I am unable to find an alternative lat exercise, as this is the only lat exercise listed in TUFFCUFF

Do you know of any good lat exercises I could substitute for this one?


Pull-ups/chin-ups are even better for you.

Here is the ones we use.

It happens to be the best way you can possibly train your lat’s to develop exactly in the way they are going to have to perform if you use or want to use a Lat primary upper half mechanic.

This technique is called “sport specificity” interval resistance training in the sports physiological world and one of the top principles that apply. He is using a 6 lb. lady shot-put (13 yo=3 lb. ball)in all 3 drills notice how we isolate the Latissimus Dorsi work out in the 1st video then added in compounded action by loading it in the 2nd video then put it into a full walking crowhop drive in the 3rd video. Notice the wrist weight for reciprocal resistance to learn how to rotate the Torso correctly.

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Why the weight in the glove side hand?

We use a baseball as counter weight sometimes but that looks like about what 5-8 lbs?