TuffCuff Jr. Training


I recently received TuffCuff Jr., which I intend to use with my soon-to-be 12 y/o son. I have read through to the TuffCuff Jr. Training Overview section, and I am looking for some guidance on how to modify the Calendar by Phase to fit his specific situation.

In our area, the spring season begins in March and goes through June typically. There is a possibility for some games in July, but traditionally it is too hot here. Fall season begins in August with games played from September through October possibly up to Thanksgiving. He also is on a swim team that practices for one hour a day, five days a week with Saturday meets from June through mid-July.

Given that, I was thinking of modifying the Calendar by Phases accordingly.

Jan - Off-Season
Feb - Pre-Season
Mar - In-Season
Apr - In-Season
May - In-Season
Jun - In-Season
Jul - Active Rest
Aug - Pre-Season
Sep - In-Season
Oct - In-Season
Nov - Active Rest
Dec - Off-Season

Is there any issue with doing this? Does anyone else have any suggestions?


One of features of the publication that you have is its workable, in many ways as much as a training guide as it can be flexible to your schedule.

Notice the guide can be flexible to your needs, not the dictates of a mandatory time and place. The publication is brilliantly formatted that way and flexibility is built in to every topic.

There was considerable input and editing with what you have, and although I’m not selling, editing or authored any of it, its contents will serve you well and that of your son. Just be patient with your boy as you “feel” your way around, because it does take a bit getting use to a training style.

Just remember, that publication is there to help you, not to dictate a strict adherence to seasons as set forth by others experience.

To address you question directly, I see nothing wrong with your itinerary. It should work well for you son and compliment his swimming experience also.

Best wishes to you and your son with your baseball experiences. And please post from time to time on how your boy is doing. That’s another plus with using that publication - we’re all here on the same page(s) as you are.