Tuff toe

after using my nike cleats for about a couple months there is a hole on the tip of my right foot. this is because of the dragging of the right foot when i pitch. Did anyone every use the tuff toe and how does it work?

I had the same problem; I kept ripping the inside of my throwing-arm side cleat. I tried tuff toe, and it has worked pretty well, although you have to apply it again occasionally.

yeah, I just put some on my cleats … what a mess … what an absolute mess it is … the stuff came out of the gun device thing sooo slow that I had to take off the filter thing they have, and then it wouldn’t dry on the shoe. It was still sticky after three days.

Now I put a glaze of ‘shoe goo’ over it and its holding okay.

It looks so ugly that I kind of love it, actually.