Tuff Toe Setting Time

Yaeh, I got the Tuff Toe Pro epoxy stuff. Put it on. Says 24 hours to set. You think itll be ready in 21?

I usually wait 24-48 hours but it might be ok at 21 hours

I put it on at 6:30.
Then Ill have 6th period around 1:30.

do you have any other shoes you could wear just for the day? I let my tuff toe harden over 24 hours and I still wear through them in a couple months. I’m afraid if it isn’t finished with the process, it will rub off easier.

Ill wear them for only 6th period. Theyll be sitting in a class room the rest of the day. And nah, my old cleats are literally falling apart. Like seriously.

How where they? Any problems with them?

They were hard, I didnt pitch so its all good.
I got the Nike Air 5 Conversions. Im not a fan of high tops but they work pretty well. My last cleats had spikes about 1/8 to 1/16 of an inch thick, so its amazing to have spikes. Plus if they get worn I can interchange them. Also my last cleats had like the sole broken or something so my foot spilt out the side and it messed up my ankle real bad. With these my ankle feels great.
Im gonna put on another coat today.