Tuff Toe Products

Because the toe on my cleats keep spliting open every like 5-7 outings of pitching ive been looking at these two products to extend the life of my cleats

Product 1:

Product 2:


my questions are:
-Has anyone used either of these two products?
-How effective are they in preserving the life of the toe of the cleat?
-Is one better than the other?
-It says 100% of MLB teams use this product, anyone know if thats true?

Thanks guys and Zita :stuck_out_tongue:

Both options are great… But I’d go for the factory dip on the website. Did the factory dip with all my cleats. Wouldn’t pitch without it!

Did the Product 1 and it really works, use it before your cleat totally sucks so that it will adhere well.

Awesome. I really need to do this; I am getting ridiculous blisters on my right foot from pitching.

alright sweet i got positive answers from the 3 most respected guys on here ahaha
looks like im gonna buy product 1 and see how it goes, cant stand buying 2 sets of cleats for a season at $100 each even if it isnt my money ahaha