Tuff Cuff

Just got the manual from Steven Ellis, I really suggest it for anyone needing to get stronger and its basically like having a trainer right next to u, its very easy to udnerstand

i agree totaly lots of pics and very easy to follow

The far and away number one topic on these boards is “how do I increase velocity”? Well, it sounds too simple, but for your dollar, if you work at the conditioning program and instruction provided within the book and track your progress as the book gives you the capability, you will find yourself throwing the ball with more velocity and generally in a more efficient and fundemental way. It, to me, is a very impressive training tool.

How long is the conditioning program for?

[quote=“TropicalJoel”]How long is the conditioning program for?[/quote]theres workouts for what month it is, very good program, i highly suggest it

cool…yeah im really thinking about it…hopefully gonna get it by the time my season is over

it is a 52 week program

Is this TUFF CUFF a workout around the gym or is it more functional?

Do you know what functional means? It has nothing to do with being around a gym or not. Functional denotes the type of training you engage in and the results you are aiming to get. I can do one arm snatches in a gym and that would be functional training (I could also do resistance bands, or bodyweight workouts).

Anything that makes you stronger, faster, and better is functional training. The modality with which you get there makes no difference.

I’m sorry for the way i worded that i meant do you have to have a gym or be in a gym to use it or is the equitment stuff like swiss ball medball and things like that?

i havent really used it much ive jus looked at it, im kinda injured right now so i havent used it

I don’t know Ristar, there is a lot of drill work within it, kinda not the methods of training you promote. Much of the work within is drill oriented, so if you have the area you can do it…that is if you do drill work. I didn’t notice any conditioning routine within the book that suggested being on the mound at full speed.

For what it is worth to you, every single person that I know, who has looked into the book, has found potential conditioning benefit within it. It is a limited group, but the majority are deeply involved with baseball.

In my opinion it is a great training aid, but like everything it’s how you apply it.