Tuff cuff!

Well, the long awaited day appears to be here.

Steve: I was just curious if would give the forum members any additional preview besides the writeup on Amazon.

Really excited about the book, just curious for some more information.


(If I jumped the gun on this one a bit, as I got the email about 10 minutes ago, please delete this post at will)

I just uploaded the TUFFCUFF product wiki on Amazon.com. Here’s the link with details about the program. I’ll PM you the info, too.

Looks like a really good book. I just cant afforrd it right now. Good luck with all the sales though Steve :smiley:

Perfectly priced for my aunt who has been bugging me for a Christmas present list!

At least I think. Worst case scenario, I tell her to bundle it as my birthday present also since that’s on January 3rd…9 days after Christmas :smiley: