Hey I recently just had surgery on my pitching elbow, and saw my fastball a velocity drop, and got out of shape. Would any of you guys recommend tuff cuff to get back in shape, and to gain my velocity back?? How much velocity can I expect to gain out of this program if I follow it religiously?? I’m 6’4 225 about 18% body fat, and havent really lifted ever before. Thank You.

I think the only answer anyone can give you is “it depends”. It depends on what kind of surgery you had, what the problem was, where you are in your recovery/rehab, and what our velocity was pre-injury.

It was just surgery to shave off a bone spur an clean out loose bodies, and I just started the throwing phase of my rehab, and my velocity before was low to mid 80’s topping high 80’s on a good day. Thank you

It takes me as much as a month to get my arm in shape, so I wouldn’t worry if you’re not hitting your peak velocities just beginning your rehab. You will likely have lost some strength and it will take time to rebuild. That being said, your velocity still should not be drastically lower, but expect that velo to climb back up a few mph over the course of your first month of throwing, maybe more if your mechanics have gotten rusty and you can clean them up to what they used to be.

I would highly recommend using Steve Ellis’ training program. My pitching game skyrocketed after using his program religiously for over 6 months. Check out this article: Tuffcuff Review
to see if it is a good acquisition for you. Good luck!