Tuff Cuff

Hey Steve:

Can you confirm anything about the Tuff Cuff program. I saw on your website it said it was due out September 5, 2006 but I hadn’t hear anything.


I know, I know. This TUFFCUFF project has been tough (and well over a year in the making) since I’m putting it together myself. It’s shaping up nicely though and should be ready very, very soon. While it was supposed to be ready at the end of August, it’s taking slightly longer to format. That’s been the main issue. (I’ve got all this great stuff – and I want you to understand it.)

I’m finishing up the “In-Season Strength Logs” for Starting Pitchers and Relief Pitchers (they’re different). The 22-Week Off-Season component is good to go, though. That took a good chunk of time.

The descriptions and programs also are completed: 460+ pictures in all. Full color throughout. Spiral bound. Plastic, sweat proof cover on front and back. It’s something you’re going to feel good about having at the gym – and something you’re going to have a lot of fun doing.

Finally, I’m trying to keep it under $40. (I want you to be able to afford it so you can use it. This is one heckuva program.) I’m hoping to complete the final formatting later this week. (I’m literally working on it now.) More later, but thanks for being patient. It’ll be worth the wait.

Where would the tuff cuff program be posted?

I’ll post it on my “books” link above when it goes live.