so i was reading some previews about tuff cuff. To be honeset steven i really think that this book looks good and will increase my velocity. One problem here. First of all i don’t know if they ship to Canada.they probaly do.

Anyways steven i need to know like with your exercises what equipment will i need. For example am i going to have to spend like 5,000 dollars on Weight machines and bo flexes and other equipment or can you do most exercises with just dumbells and a bench bar. Because their no sense me buying the book to know that 200 pages of the book you need to have exercise machines.

Anyways i also live in canada. Its cold out and their snow. For your offseason program will i have to access the local gym 5times a week or what. cause that probaly won’t happen. Maybe 3 times a week maybe.

I got a basement, i got dumbells,weights, and a bench pressing bar.
Mainly i got work ethic. I will do whatever it takes 7 times a week. 4 hours a day. It does not matter.
I just want to know some more info about the book steven. You seem like someone who knows what they are talking about.

Yes. I ship to Canada a few times a week. Just select the international shipping option on Amazon.

Access to a gym is certainly beneficial (a high school gym, the YMCA, a home gym), but if you don’t have that, then you’ll at least need some lightweight dumbbells and a med ball to get you started. (And a strong work ethic.) Good luck!

yes i got the dumbells and resistance band(rubber tubing) i got medicine ball, and i got a bench press bench. But ya what is your program mainly about steven. Like yesterday i did get clocked at 81mph. I was doing something wrong. I wasn’t striding long enough. When i did that my arm felt great and my speed improved.

But ya what is the basis of your program steven like am i going to have to go to a gym like 5 times a week. Or can i get 12mph gain like you did. Just in the comfort of my basement.