Tuff cuff workouts

I want to get some opinions on the tuff cuff workouts I’m looking to start a workout over the summer and i was thinking of buying the book. Any reviews good or bad?

Awesome. The book lays everything out for you, clearly. Tuff Cuff tells you what to do everything week. Workouts are created for middle school kids all they way to the pro rank. Also the book discusses nutrition and throwing. Plus the book was made by an ex pro pitcher. I only have good things to say about Tuff Cuff.

alright thanks alot yea ive havent even heard a bad review about them yet, the books a little pricy but it still seems like its worth it

By far the best pitchers workout book out there. It clearly explains everything you do, not like some other books that tell you to do stuff without telling you what they do. Great thing to have.