Tuff Cuff workout

I just bought the turf cuff workout book…but I have a couple of questions. First, can you do either of the throwing programs along with the lifting/workout programs?!? Also…it says that the fourth phase is for only professional/college pitchers…is there any reAson a high school pitcher couldn’t do it?!? Any help would be great!! Thanks!

You can do both concurrently. Pick the throwing program that works out best for your schedule and run with it.

As far as the fourth phase and high school it depends where you are physically and if you can handle it.

You’ll hear stories on here about guys doing it and having success.

If you can set it up so that it works for the schedule that you’re on and you can handle it then why not give it a shot.

Ok…genii ready to start cuff tuff workout for pitchers. Approximately how long will it take for each day/workout?!? Any help would be great!

It depends on the person and how familiar you are with the routines, obviously the more you do it and get more comfortable doing the routines you’ll be able to shave some time off, but be sure to take your time and do everything thoroughly and properly.

You’re building your foundation for success on the field might as well make sure you’re putting all the time and effort in you can.

Agreed. Just trying to build it into my pe time in school…thanks for heads up…will try in 45 minute block and go from there…