Tuff Cuff Workout Program

Hey guys i was just wondering about the TuffCuff Pitcher Workout Program book available online and ive heard that it has a lot of weight lifting included in the workouts. I personally believe a pitcher does not need to be buff to pitch good or throw hard and if this book contains a lot of weight lifting exercises that have to be done at a gym i dont think i would buy it

Well while some people preach what your saying it can very well be backed by a lot of people. Being “Buff” and being strong are two totally different things. Most of the pitchers out there aren’t strong enough to be able to get away without intense workouts. There are phases in TuffCuff and there are plenty of workouts that will keep you “in shape” not necessarily “buff”.

The reason why being “Buff” isn’t a good thing is because it can help limit precious mobility in your arm.

so wats tuffcuff all about

a pitcher wants to be whippy like marino rivera not bulky like giambi. Although the workouts in Tuff Cuff may seem to be for bulk they are for arm strength and conditioning which will prevent injury and increase stamina.

also Tuff Cuff has a lot of other stuff like stretches, band workouts, 5lb workouts, and a longtoss program