Tuff cuff workout expectations

Hello everyone i was just wondering all of you who used tuff cuff as your off season workout or in season does not matter, or you have heard about people who have i was just wondering if anyone can tell me how many mph i should generally gain using tuff cuff this off season. I am 15 turning 16 in november and 5 ft 9 in and about 155lb’s right now i throw mid 70’s to low 80’s what should i expect from tuff cuff?

i have been using tuff cuff for 2 months. (when phase 1 started) im 20 years old throws 88-90 and 6’0 … i dont use tuff cuff to see how much mph i can gain … look at it as what your suppose to do as a small step in being a pitcher… the book alone cant do miricles… but it does help

just wondering here besides working out how do u get to throw that hard i mean ur only 6 ft im just curious how do u think youve been able to reach 88-90

Throwing 88-90 takes a lot of god given talent. I do not know from his perspective though. Since using tuff cuff i have gained 5 mph and consistently throwing 86. I have been preaching this since college. Flexibility is huge. I was always a big guy, I am 6’2, but i was only throwing 80ish before I started the program. I am with 3 up 3 down; tuff cuff is not going to be the miracle program. Tuff Cuff more or less got me motivated to treat my body correctly, and I think that was the driving factor to my success over the last several months.

Regardless of the program that you use, you only get out of it what you put into. If you don’t work hard you won’t gain anything.

The program isn’t what is going to make you gain anything. It’s what you do with the program that will give you the gains.

The program is just a guide, and it’s up to you to make sure you do your best to ensure that you’re ready to compete to the best of your ability.