TUFF CUFF...when to use?

Hey all, I’m thinking of purchasing TUFF CUFF. I’ve heard numerous positive things about it. I wanted to know if I could do TUFF CUFF at any time of the year like right now since i have travel ball, or if i should just wait until winter, or if it really matters?


It’s a year round program, so if you’re playing ball this summer, you’d start with the “in season” programs. Then, in the fall and winter, you’d do Phase 2 or 3 (the off-season programs) and go from there.

But others can chime in as well … I didn’t want to stop the conversation with just this response. :slight_smile:

Like Mr. Ellis said its a year long program. I always had trouble creating a workout program for the off season, but i had no idea what to do in the in season. TuffCuff layouts out a specific off season and in season program 12 months a year from junoir high to the pro rank.

I actually started with TUFFCUFF in season, and it has worked amazingly for me.

what is it

Thank you all for the replies! I ordered my copy two days ago so it wont be long! :lol: