Tuff Cuff - What Phase Should I Start With?

I just purchased Tuff Cuff and need some advice on which phase I should begin with.

I red shirted this past season and practiced with the team but obviously did not pitch in any games. I have been told that I need to add some weight and I am playing summer ball in a college league this summer.

Tuff Cuff suggests Phase 1 (muscular endurance) for high school players during the summer season and Phase 5 (in season maintenance) for college players during the summer season. In light of my need to put on some weight, I was wondering if I should do four weeks of Phase 3 (Strength) and four weeks of Phase 4 (Power).

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

I agree. I’d start with Phase 3, Week 5 and then move right into Phase 4, Week 1.