Tuff Cuff Schedule Question

I just got the Tuff Cuff book and i see that there are monthly schedules and phase numbers. Should i start my workout with the phase that is supposed to happen in january? or should i do phase 1 first?

This question was just asked recently I believe, but right now since your season will be starting in about 3 months, unless you havent been working out at all, you should probably start with phase 3. If you havent been working out, then I would suggest starting with phase 2 and then go to phase 3 next month and on to phase 4 in your final month.

Just for your safety if you havent been working out, dont start pumping the iron real heavy yet. Work up your weight and dont be afraid to admit that you cant lift very much or do some of the things that other kids around you are doing. We have all been there at one point or another.