Tuff Cuff routine/ radar gun

I am going into my sophomore year of college next year and recently started the Tuff Cuff Phase 5 routine. I would like to get clocked as sort of a measuring stick before I get too far into the program so I am wondering where I can get a Jugs radar gun. I don’t have $700+ to spend but I want the accuracy of a brand like Jugs.
Also I have read the book and it says to start throwing 60/90 days before spring training starts. Won’t my arm get weaker from essentially not throwing until december?

The throwing program is 90 days from your first tryout/practice… so yes for most people, this means youd start in December at some point.

Id get a Stalker Radar gun. Pro teams just dont use Jugs anymore. You can often find used ones on Craigslist. The Stalker website sells refurbished ones for pretty cheap if you dont get the protective case, which isnt really needed.

The cheap guns are reliable but you have to be right up on the pitcher to get a decent reading. The benefit of the Stalker guns is the ability to be 100+ feet away and get readings through a fence, which the Bushnell-type guns can’t do. So if it’s a bullpen session, you’ll be OK with a cheap gun, IMO.

I have read that Bushnell and other cheaper guns pick up the ball later thus giving you a lower reading than a stalker would. If a gun is off by more than one mph I would not want to invest in that.

In my experience it’s pretty spot-on. We’ve compared it to a Stalker and as long as the ball is picked up right out of the hand, it’s good. Plus being one MPH slower would be a good humbling experience :wink:

I hear ya - but if the purpose of getting a radar gun is so that you know exactly how hard you’re throwing, based on the same measurement used by pro scouts across the US to grade other pitchers, then Stalker is really the only option. Ridiculous how expensive it is when you consider it’s just a piece of plastic with a small electronic device inside :?

do not buy the bushnell guns.

We bought ours for 200 bucks and its crap. Well once you get it compared to a stalker, its basically just as good as it.

Our bushnell gun was out by 6mph. Our gun was to slow.

Me and my bro at the age of 16 were throwing according to the bushnell gun like 75mph, when in reailty we were throwing 81mph

I think they are a piece of shit