Tuff Cuff Questions.

I’m Thinking I want to get Tuff Cuff for Christmas. So does this program really give good results like a boost in MPH or control ect…? I’m not trying to say anything bad about the program, but does it really work? And in what parts of pitching does it help you with? Also, when you get Tuff Cuff, is it just a book or do other things come with it?

Also does anyone have a testimonial to how well the program has worked for them?

Ok Tuff Cuff is great workout you can design it to fit your own need and change it around to your style perfectly I actually have done that in the last couple day’s with the 3rd phase. I think it’s a great tool I will tell you that it’s made me more strong already and more stable through out body in only about 3 weeks today.

Tuff Cuff has everything you need and is a book with all exercises shown how to do and workout planned out for you. Only comes with a book you might need a med-ball and a couple other things.