TUFF CUFF Questions

I am doing the Tuff Cuff program right now. I am in 10th grade. Unfortunately, I got a late start on it this summer. Instead of doing Phase 1 during June and July, I did it during August and September. The normal off time is Aug through Oct. I am planning on taking October off, then getting back on the right track. While I do play soccer during the fall, I was wondering if I should still be doing little stuff off the workout during the off month. I was thinking just like Squats, Chest Press and the light dumbell excercizes. I mean instead of just doing nothing for a whole month. I would really appreciate some feedback on what people think about this. Thanks.


I’m also doing tuff cuff and started around august and september and i see nothing wrong with that as i’m gonna end rihgt in time for the start of my season (february/marchish) so i wouldn’t worry about that. As for your question, I really have no idea. However, I defintely recommend sending a message to steven through this site. I’ve done this a couple of times and he always responds quickly and with great suggestions.

I used to play soccer, too. So I always took the fall off from baseball … but was able to stay in shape with all the running we did on the soccer field.

I would do just as you suggested: not take time off as the calendars suggest. That really only applies to someone who may have been following the program from November/December 2006 through now.

Feel free to email me anytime with additional questions. I’m usually able to get back to you in a few hours.

Yeah I play soccer too, (we’re 12-0 with 1 goal scored on us, JV :D) and I still get in the weight room every day I have practice. Theres a couple people in there that I workout with and I just follow along and thats how I keep my muscular strength up. I’ll continue this during basketball too. I’m not really following TuffCuff at the moment, but it’s better than nothing.

If you are already pretty strong from previous weightlifting (1 1/2 years, been about 3 months off now) should I just get into a harder phase? Because starting with Phase 1 is just to easy and not very enjoyable. I will obviously stick there if people think it is the best thing to do.

I play football too. Is it ok for me to add bench pressing to my workout or will that screw everything up?

I addressed some of the above questions by email.

As for bench pressing: No problem, but use dumbbells instead of the bar.

why should you use dumbells when benching instead of the bar… whats the difference? and I heard benching is bad for your rotator cuff… is that true?

K sounds good. I’m not halfway close to an expert, but I’ve heard the bar is bad for your elbows which I believe cause my elbows have been sore when I threw and the next day I benched. As for rotator cuff, I dont really know.

steve why do you prefer dumbells instead of the bar?

Don’t need a spotter. If you need to go down wit the weights, you can drop them. Also, it’s always better to work individual body parts vs. sections. Each arm is involved separately with dumbbells. Both arms are at the mercy of the other with a bar. Make sense?

yeah i gotcha… thanks