Tuff Cuff question?

I am very interested in ordering tuff cuff but is there any way to incorporate kettlebells into the program? If I would have to choose between the two it would be k-bells but tuff cuff is more pitcher specific and I kinda want the best of both worlds is this possible?

I think there is no better tool for functional strength, conditioning, muscular endurance, and no better way to get rid of body fat then a k-bell program…Last offseason I improved in all of those aspects by training only with k-bells however my velocity did nothing.

AKA: i need some advice please

Why do you think you can’t mimic the training benefits of kettlebells using medicine balls, weights and plyometric training that would be more pitcher specific … and ultimately more beneficial to your pitching? What can kettlebells do that the above mentioned exercises cannot?

I think kettlebells are great. And they certainly have their place in developing explosive, Olympic-lifting-type strength. But for baseball, I’m just not convinced that you would get more from your workouts using them over med balls, weights and plyos. They’re just sort of hyped up at the moment, but that hype is coming from a bodybuilding standpoint – you know, like looking good for the beach – not a baseball conditioning standpoint, where you’re trying to run faster, throw harder and hit the ball farther.

Mr. Ellis I really appreciate you for taking the time out to address my concerns. I saw first hand what you mean regarding kettlebells, but before this post I guess I was too naive to recognize it.

I trained all offseason primarily with k-bells and my results were exactly how you explained “not a baseball conditioning standpoint, where you’re trying to run faster, throw harder and hit the ball farther.” I got really lean and functionally strong however not PITCHING specific functionally strong because it did absolutly nothing for my velocity. I bought into the hype that k-bells were the polar opposite of that “beach body” crap however you make so much sense when saying they are…Believe me I could care less how I look, Ill do anything to be a better pitcher that is priority number 1.

My birthday is in a few weeks (turning 17) and my plan was to get 2 more 53lb k-bells but now ill be asking for Tuff CUff because I trust you in saying that is the best way to improve my game