Tuff Cuff Question

I am thinking about buying tuff cuff but I am curious about the workout. Does it include exercises like squats and hang cleans (power cleans)? Can someone possibly post a sample workout?

thanks in advance

Yes, it’s got those exercises. What’s your biggest concern about the program? It’s got the same workouts, throwing and conditioning that Cubs pitchers are currently doing… But I’d like to hear about your concerns…

I don’t have any concerns. I was just wondering what sort of exercises you have us doing. Because I also have the BFS program and I was going to compare that to Tuff Cuff.

i have a concern, i don’t have a gym, how can i power clean at my house without a bar? or is there a way to do the tuffcuff program without needing a gym?

Do you have weights? otherwise u could just do bodyweight squats/pushups/dips/plyo’s

Just get a set of dumbbells and med ball at Walmart or Kmart. You can do almost everything with your own set of weights in your garage or basement (if you have room), etc.