Tuff Cuff question(Steve)

During phase 2 3 and 4 should i be doing some throwing, long toss and if i do(how many days, when , after or before the workouts)

Yes, you can throw during those three phases. But I do recommend you take some time off from throwing during what ever off season you have, so just be smart about it. You can do the 90 day throwing program starting at 45 days in the throwing program if you want to do long toss and bullpens this summer.

OK Thanks Steve

Hey guys. Im going to be a sophmore at a junior college this year. I am wondering how I can increase my velocity throughout the year. I am originally from texas but going to school in Minnesota so i can be outside long tossing and everything until the winter comes and once winter comes then we are confined to a gym that we cant long toss in. how can i get velocity and what can i do in the winter time with such little space.