Tuff-Cuff Pro question

Good Evening All,

We recently received the Tuff-Cuff Pro book and it appears to be a great plan and well thought through.

My question/suggestion concerns explanations. Based on the “periodized” chart on page 89 my son is in phase 1 “summer season.” Turning the page on page 91 is the Phase 1 weekly schedule with the two workout options. Under each day there are breakdowns; 1) warm up 2) Strength, 3) Cardio, 4) Core, 5) Regeneration.

On the following page, 92, is the phase 1 week 1 workout and there is a “warm up” section and a functional strength section. I don’t see any sections for the following (cardio, core, regeneration).

What am I missing?
Thanks for your help.