Tuff Cuff Pitching

Hello. I just registered to the site.

I am a 6 foot, 145 lb. righthander freshman pitcher. My dream is to play college baseball. I was wonder if the Tuff Cuff program is a resource that can truly help me put on some weight, add velocity to my fastball, and become a better athlete. Does anyone have any experiance with the program.

I have Tuff Cuff and its is excellent. It is by far the best workout manual I have ever used. So many exercises!! And it is very detailed and tells you exactly what to do. I highly recommend it!

Have you seen any results by using the program?

Do you play just baseball? I play football, but I am thinking about just focussing on baseball so I can really put the offseason to good use. Do you think using this program for the five extra months of offseason I get from not playing football would be beneficial.

What are your opinions, being a guy that has used Tuff Cuff?
Anything is Helpful.

I’ve used TuffCuff for 2 years and I believe that even though you also play football it would be beneficial for you. I played football and baseball in high school and I never had anything that compared to the TuffCuff program.
I believe that it easily transfers over with sports like with football just add more weight in the earlier stages and what do you get? Bulk + Power. Then after the football season which I think is either November or December you get into the explosive stage which will get you ready for baseball.
The main thing though that would be beneficial is the conditioning and footwork drills. In TuffCuff you have dots, ladders, swimming, biking, running, plyometrics, and stuff like that which could all be useful for football and baseball.
-Also get into a good habit of eating right and not the high school pizza n crap all the time. Its ok every now and then but its a bad habit that you wouldn’t want to take into college or further on.

I am a pitcher only in baseball. I follow the in season routine and it has helped me increase MPH during the season, and I have not experienced any arm problems to date.

The program goes into great detail making it extremely easy to follow!

Hi my names jonathan knapp im 16 a sophmore probably about 175, throwing around 86 87 right now… Ok i just ordered the Tuff Cuff Program and im in season right now so how long do you think it will take for me to start season velocity improvements? If i do it religously.

TUFFCUFF is not new or revolutionary. Its value lies in its simplicity and organization. For 99% of high school players or younger, TUFFCUFF is the way to go: it covers all the bases and will require a step up in work ethic and dedication for almost all aspiring college players.

There are more individualized programs out there, but for the high school level and for the purposes of most people on this site, TUFFCUFF is a safe bet and will get you where you need to go.

Good value for 60$

I would have to disagree with LankyLefty.
I believe that most colleges would benefit from using the TUFFCUFF program. I’ve been to 3 colleges (Division 1, Junior College, and D2) and our workout programs have been a joke compared to the TuffCuff. There are a lot of college coaches who are still making players lift to get big, or because thats just the thing to do. Im not going to name drop on colleges, but there are still colleges such as my last one that has the baseball team lifting like the football team and they think that “bigger is better”. The pitchers would do the same workouts as the position players. At my D1 school, our coach just threw up a random workout on the board and we did our own thing (the football team at this D1 school had the strength training coaches).
But TUFFCUFF is one of the few FULL workouts that can make a difference for high school and average collegiate players.
-As for dedication, its difficult to stick with daily routine but you have to be dedicated to what you do to take it to another level.
-and for hardcore workout people its similar to the P90X but without Yoga and different lifts. :slight_smile: