Tuff Cuff Phase 3 and 90-day off season throwing program overlap?


My son is a 10th grader this year in High School. He loves pitching. He just started the Phase 2 workouts. (He had tendentious in his shoulder half of his season last year and took off any kind of throwing from Aug until now.)

My questions is when a high school kid wants to do the 90 day off season throwing program should it overlap with the Tuff Cuff Phase 3 workout. Or should we stop the Phase 3 workout and only do the off season throwing program.

[FYI…He had Physical Therapy (PT) two years ago for another different shoulder injury and it seemed like working out and throwing at the same time is bad for healthy arms.]


Yes, the throwing program overlaps with the strength and conditioning portion of Phase 3. So you’ll be hitting the weights and throwing at the same time. Most pro, college and elite high school pitchers strength train and throw at the same time 9-10 months out of the year – even during the in-season. The key is focusing on recovery; the Regeneration section of TUFFCUFF is important.


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