Tuff Cuff "Off" Time

This is a question directed to Steven Ellis but anyone can answer. For all the age group workouts (junior high, high school, college, pro) there is a period where it says off. Like for college, I think the off time is August (I don’t have the book with me at this moment), a time when none of the 5 phases are to be performed. What should I do during that time? I don’t want to sit around doing nothing. What would be best to do?

Well I have the TUFFCUFF booklet and what I get from the off time is that your body needs time to rest in order for you to come back stronger or something. Also to me the off time would be a great time to really zero in on mechanics with drills, as well as a time to just enjoy life so that you don’t get burned out with baseball 24/7 and I know for most people baseball is life, but you have to enjoy being out with friends and family also. Also I think that for me at least the off season/month for a college player differs because in the booklet he has it in August but with college coaches today you start the first week your back at school which is like 2 weeks into August (and they expect you to be somewhat in-shape when you arrive) so for me I just backed the off season up to when I finished my season (early May) to about a week before June. Oh and I may be wrong but I started phase 1 and 2 during and before summer-ball but just stuck with lighter weights. But hopefully college coaches will start training pitchers like pitchers instead of inside linebackers.

I don’t have Tuff Cuff nor do I follow the workout, but there should never really be a period when you are doing nothing. You should always be doing something.

Normal workout days are M T Th F with W and Sa used as regeneration or recovery days and Su as a day to take off and do whatever you want to do. (Play recreational sports, ride a bike, go for a run, etc., or just take the day off. Anything done on Su should be done nice and easy.)

I really don’t understand how you can take anytime off when you are in college either. You play almost year round. And if you get burnt out, you’re in the wrong sport.

That’s not how big league pitchers train. They all take a month or two off following the season.

But if you’re one of those guys that has to always be doing something, I don’t have a problem with it being fitness related, I just don’t like to see it being baseball related.

It’s hard to explain to someone who hasn’t played a 146/160 game minor/major league season plus spring training, plus pre-spring training … to really understand the importance of taking some time off when the season’s over.

You’ll understand when you make it.

I understand that, but he’s talking about college. I know that regimen, too, as I trained for four years with someone in AAA.

There really isn’t an off-season in college. Like I said, most players go from season, to summer-ball, to fall ball to winter work outs and back to spring.

If you want to discuss it sometime I’d be more than happy.