Hello, I ordered Tuff Cuff and I have a question for Steven. My son is a High School pitcher and we’re following the High School routine. The question I have is for the fall season it has off in tuff cuff for three months. I was wondering what if my son isn’t playing fall baseball this year, is it ok for him to follow the College Schedule, or modify the High School schedule to take up the scheduled three months off? Is it ok if he did phase 4 after he was done with 1, 2, and phase 3? I just don’t know if it’s good for him to do phase 1, and then take three months off doing nothing and have to seemingly start all over again. I hope my question is clear and you can provide me with advise on this.

Thank you.


Thanks for the question and I’m excited about your son’s progress. Certainly bump up to the college schedule. The HS schedule assumes your son may play a fall sport, but that’s not always the case with every pitcher who’s following the program and continuing to train as outlined in the College plan is what I recommend.

Still try to find 2-3 months off from throwing in your son’s schedule. The fall and early winter is generally the best time for this break as he continues to condition, strength train and build flexibility.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me directly.


Thank you very much for the response, that was a very helpful answer. As of next week he as been off from throwing for 8 weeks and I think we will begin light throwing. He had some slight elbow pain this past year but was able to pitch through it. We’ve been to the orthopedic several times, he’s been examined, X rayed, MRI, and everything comes back as negative as though nothing was wrong so its so weird that he would continue to feel pain. So i’m hoping with 8 weeks off and gradually getting back to throwing and progressing into long toss that will alleviate the pain. Also I know this may have been covered in another topic but he wants to drop from a high 3/4 arm slot to low 3/4 similar to Pedro Martinez, do you think thats ok and would help with velocity and movement? Thanks


Yes, pay attention to his shoulders to make sure they stay level with the new arm slot. If you’ve got some video, me and others would be happy to take a look and provide feedback. You can post it here in the Pitching Analysis section.


Sounds good, I was actually just thinking about doing that, I just need to figure out how. Do you recommend a particular able, or duration of the video? Maybe I can send you one or two ab’s that he pitched. I have them on my phone so I’ll upload them to my computer later and post. I’d like to know what others think.


Yeah, 10-15 seconds of video taken with your phone is great. Upload it to YouTube and then copy and paste the link to this site and we’ll give you some feedback.


In Tuff Cuff, there’s a section devoted to nutrition. I can’t stress enough the importance of that section. Your son will have the support he needs to stay focused on and off the field, a better sense of concentration and staying power, by following this section. Also, this section allows for a tracking mechanism, on paper, that will reinforce the benefits gained with a historical record. This is one of most important parts of Tuff Cuff, and not to be passed over or taken lightly. Steven has gone to tremendous lengths to get it right.