Tuff Cuff for position players


I would say I am about 3rd in my rotation for my team. I see most of my time on the left side of the infield with a few innings at second. Next year I will be playing with older guys and I think I will see less time on the mound. I would still like to be in the rotation, and with Tuff Cuff, my chances would improve. Would Tuff Cuff interfere with my batting, or would the strength and conditioning improve it? Has any body who also is a position player tried Tuff Cuff? If so, what are your thoughts and how did it affect your overall game?


Being stronger will improve your performance across the board - batting, fielding, running, etc.

i would like to try it ?
Is it free can u send an attatchemnt or sumthin thx


Did it help you a lot ?
how much was it in total

It’s $65, but you gotta remember that it covers throwing plus strength and conditioning. For most people that dont know much about training, this is a good deal because it lays everything out for you. When to do each exercise and so on.

And Steven backs it with a full refund if you aren’t completely satisfied.

did u have to buy anything additionnal stuff?

Do u have msn or facebook ? It would be easier to talk if ya had msn or sumthing

My email is brad.koenig@hotmail.com
My facebook is Brad Koenig, the pic is me with a white uniform on (to help you find it)