Tuff-Cuff alterations

I started the TuffCuff program but i made a few changes to try and keep some of the things i was already doing before i started the program. right now im in phase 1 and about to start week 4 these are the changes i made please tell me what u think especially mr ellis.

on Day1:
replaced all of the physioball stuff with squats in pyramid reps
(12x bar alone,
12x 135lbs,
10x 185lbs,
8x 215,
10x 185,
12x 135,
12x bar alone)
and i also do like 5x the reccomended core exercises

on Day2
replaces seated row, lat pull down, and the med ball stuff with upright row in the same pyramid type of reps
same thing with the core

on Day3
added the scapula exercises that are similar to pushups, the ones thats like dips, and the 1 wit the raised step)

do you feel like im not getting the most of my workouts by doing this or is it ok?

Yup. This looks good. I agree that the physioball lower body exercises may be too easy for someone of your strength level, so it’s perfectly fine to switch it out.

thanks a lot man i really appreciate you taking time out to personally respond, and if you think there are any other things i should change or add? i have access to all the equipment that i would need so if theres anything you think just let me know, im on a mission this year i put up a 7.5 era last year and that is not happening again, i slept on DII because i was supposed to go DI and the school just dropped their program so i thought i wouldnt have to work hard and i would just dominate… that didnt happen the way i thought

did anyone else get tuffcuff and change things around?