should you use the tubing exercises before yuo throw or when u r just working out

I use tubing two different ways. One for working out your arm where you may do 15-20 reps of different excercises also before you pitch where you may only do say 5-7 reps just to loosen up your arm. This may be disuputed but some of the things you can do with the tubing can help you get your arm loose, just my opinion though.

Alan, that actually sounds good. Tubing is a very good thing to do before throwing a baseball. I think Tubing also helps you recover faster after throwing the ball around.

DO you happen to have Jaeger Bands or the regular bands?

yea i agree i was in omaha playing in a baseball tourny during the cws and got a chance to go to the game and i was right behind the bullpen and EVERYONE of the pitchers used the tubing before they started to get lose throwing in the bullpen

Im not sure of the difference or exactly what the jaeger bands are so i would have to say i use the regular ones.

Jaeger Bands would be these: http://www.jaegersports.com/bands.html

I just have some thera-band stuff that I notted around a chair and notted the other end into a hand loop.

Ya im with you Centerfield i use the theraband and thanks for the link with the Jaeger bands ive actually been looking for those.