Tubing Question

I’m going to follow the tubing program that is listed on the site. 10 exercises. I like the program but is 3 sets of 10 repetitions a bit too much? I was thinking more like 1 set. I’m afraid to overwork the rotator cuff. I have never had any serious arm injury but I do experience swelling in the rotator cuff. Also do you guys recommend icing?

Well, I do 3 sets on each arm the night after I pitch, and no it won’t be too much I don’t think. Just make sure you go through slow, controlled motions. If you are doing it between apperances though, I would stick to one set, two max because it will tire out your shoulder.

And yea, you can ice your arm, theres nothing wrong with it. I don’t really expirience sore arms because I have a well conditioned throwing arm(Due to the fact that I make close to 100 throws MINIMUM each day), So I don’t ice, but you can if you want too.

Ice is for injury’s not pitching for me the next day I feel fine and can throw lightly. Ice never helped with my tired arm last year when i got them or anything it’s a waste. Now if you feel you injured the arm then ICE yes.

I have always been told Icing reduces swelling. My physical therapist, and orthopedic doctor alike, have preached ice to me, especially if there is pain or any hint of swelling. So, I would recommend icing your arm Wes05, especially with your experiences with swelling in the shoulder.


I’m the same way, I longtoss at around 250 feet the day after I throw with just the slightest expected stiffness.

u dont do it everyday, i do the tuff cuff way, its every other day the way it looks, and its 4 or 5 exercises, id suggest buying it…its an excellent program

oh yea my tuff cuff came in today!! I’ve already cracked it open and i don’t know where to begin.

Hey would tuff cuff replace a workout i already have? Or can i couple them together?

[quote=“SP1B”]Hey would tuff cuff replace a workout i already have? Or can i couple them together?[/quote]yes, it would replace it, i can almost guarentee its the best out there, seeing how its basically a pro workout, and its easy to use and its shown results, and ive only been using it for a couple weeks

What is Tuff Cuff? Is it a compilation of arm conditioning drills, or is it just a full body pitchers workout? Have any of you had good expiriences with it?

it’s really everything you want…lays out everything for you…stretching,conditioning,throwing,arm conditioning,workouts, everything

So does it include actual weightlifting? Because I would like that incorporated in my workout like it is now, because I dont just workout for baseball, I also workout for myself, you know?

TUFF CUFF is the complete guide to a pithcers working out it has a 52 week workout program with a 90 day and a 60 day throwing program pretty much everything you need to know about conditioning, warming up, working out…like i said complete pitchers guide