Tubing Exercises for Warm Up?

Coaches, question about how / when you have your guys use the tubes. Anyone use them same day as throwing, or do you try to split it up? What about days of bullpens, anyone use them PRIOR to throwing … as a means of stretching? Appreciate your input …

my friend always used to do it to stretch, then i started, it works pretty good, dont do a lot though

Every day before throwing and on off days. It isn’t stretching, it is warm up and to a small degree strengthens the small muscles around the rotator cuff.

Nothing wrong with doing tubes for warm-ups. Warm-ups should raise the body’s temperature and get the blood flowing. Connective tissue is softer and more flexible and, therefore, more injury resistant when it is warm. Tubing exercises will do this - especially for the rotator cuff.

I think your comment about using tubing exercises “as a means of stretching” is questionable. I fail to understand how tubing exercises can provide stretching. Regardless, the “experts” these days are saying that pre-performance stretching provides little benefit. “Dynamic warm-ups” are the thing.

I started doing the tubing excersizes this summer before I pitch. I do about 7 reps of each excersize after I’ve stretched. Makes my shoulder feel good and loose.