Tubing equipment

Anybody know of a source for tubing equipment? NPA has a set but wondered if there is anything cheaper out there. Thanks!

Oh yeah, tuff-cuff training is going great and the pitching philosophies book by Steve shouldn’t be ignored. Great book! Load the scapula!!


You can buy surgical tubing from a medical supply store and make your own bands. I made enough for a team of 12 players to have one band each. Total cost was $50.

I bought a box of 50ft of tubing for about $25. It came in red, green or blue with each color being a different strength offering different resistance. Then I went to Home Depot and bought some foam pipe insulation to use for handles and some small carabiner clips so the bands could be clipped onto a chain link fence/backstop.

Cut the tubing into desired length, tie a small loop at one end to connect to a carabiner clip and a larger loop at the other end for a handle. I actually put some small zip ties around the loose “tail” where I made a know at each end just to ensure the knots themselves didn’t come loose.

you could even check with your school trainer. He/She would definatly have some that they might be willing to give you