Well today was the 3rd and final day of tryouts. 32 kids were kept for jv/varsity, I was one of them. The rosters arnt set yet so there is going to be 32 kids practicing together until we get split up into jv and varsity. I threw better than I have had in the first 2 tryouts. I was throwing harder and hitting my spots low in the zone. I also kept my change low using a grip that was mention on this site. The only problem occured today. I seemed to have developed a problem, sort of like Chuck Naubloch (not sure how to spell it) throwing the ball into the seats from second. I would just be playing catch but the ball would go all over the place. It would go 30 feet over the kids head, 15-20 feet to the side, bounce in front of him, or even roll to him. It was very frustrating and no one could figure out what I was doing wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions or do you think being nervous might have played a part in it?