Trying to walkon to D1 college team after not playing hs

hi all, ive been lurking around here for about a year now… last year i decided to start taking baseball seriously at probably the worst time, i didn’t play on my high school team so i was left to start practicing by myself. i started attending a d1 college last fall and tried out for their team and wasn’t good enough. i am hopeful to make it next year by playing on the club team this year and make it as a pitcher on a college team. i have some friends that play baseball, one that has recently graduated college after playing d1 ball who has just recently been teaching me and offering help with my mechanics because he thinks i could go far with this because of my body type and whatever throwing ability i might have.

i know i am at a disadvantage but the difference ive made in my ability in this past year teaching myself has been really incredible so i feel like i owe it to myself to keep going with this. too many hours spent throwing at a wall working my mechanics through with no outside help to give up. i havent improved to the point where i am the level of a d1 athlete but the amount of time ive made up i think is considerable.

anyways i am about 6’4" 6’5" 200lb…at this point id say i throw somewhere in the mid 80s most likely…i really don’t know and wouldn’t want to say something before i actually get gunned and find out. four seam would be my fastball, i actually threw a two seam fastball my entire life as my regular way to throw, so i can throw that fairly well which has a strong break to it right when it gets to the target. i can throw a 12-6 that sinks and a pretty good slider.

this is all jumbled and whatever but its 2am…anyways nice to be here. if anyones from NYC or brooklyn and wants to throw send me a pm!

Welcome! Post some video of your mechanics in the Pitching Mechanics section and we’ll go from there. Glad you’re here!