Trying to reach 90

Any suggestions?

I’m trying to hit 90 ive only got to 88 or 89 cant remember what lol[/GVideo]

Dang not everyone at once

Well to me, it looks like you are not staying closed long enough, and when you do open up you are throwing across your body… I think you need to stay closed longer, and open up more with your stride so your arm doesnt have to go all the way around your body… My dad says i throw 4-5 mph faster just when I open up more.

Besides that, I cant really tell what you are doing with your hand behind your body… If it was in slow-mo or something and a little closer I would probly be able to tell tho…

Husky you want guys to look and think, not just pop off.
I know Roger takes this analysis thing very seriously and spends at least a half hour seriously looking, he usually doesn’t just comment until he’s given it justice…also remember that at the level you are throwing it is better to do no harm than mess up a quality delivery. I wish I was as good at this as him and DM or La but what I see is a decided lack of bottom half involvement and extension. I like the majority of your motion…really nice arm action…but you are throwing mostly arm and upper half. This bodes really well for you. Sitting at 89 means continued tweaking just a bit and great conditioning and you will be “ringing the bell” (The term scouts use when a prospect hits 90 and beyond).
Things I’d like you to consider is; I don’t personally like side to side movement, I believe at this level it isn’t helpful…may not hurt but you lose momentum in that way.
The cue that Lincecum uses for picking up the dollar may be of use to acheive the extension and getting your release closer to the plate.
You do drop your glove a bit not huge amounts and I’m a proponent of front side stability.
I’d like you to consider loading a bit more (Knee to knee) from the stretch, it will give you better stamina and drive momentum better, my son is about 1.1/0 to the plate, with that, so run game suppression will still be in order but it will definately help you get better velo and movement from the stretch.
If you’ve looked at some video of my son you can see he gets some efficient use out of the bottom half…look around get some ideas of momentum generation, stride extension.
All in all I’d say maturity a bit of tweaking…great conditioning and there you go. I can tell you’ve worked hard and I’m tipping my cap for the nice effort.

Sorry its just im always so eager to improve that sometimes i get impatient. I understand what you mean by the lower half. I need more seperation and im working on this. Could you provide me with a video of your son so i can compare? How hard does he throw?

Thanks for the compliment jd. I’m curious about just one thing. From this angle, it looks like you are landing very closed, or to the right of the target line, from your view as you pitch. Is that the case?

He does look a bit closed DM

This is in game vs Westchester CCNY (They were supposed to be the best JUCO out of NY State)…he got the win here.

This is game prep prior to Miami-Dade, they were #3 (Took a loss) in the nation this is the knee to knee I was talking about

He is right on 90 regular.

Guys thank you so much for your help. Jd your son looks great on the mound btw :smiley: But lets get to business haha I want to get better and i need to know how to open more. It is my lower half that is not opening correct? How do i fix this?

Step behinds…work the drill in slo-motion and you’ll re-orient your landing without too much effort or worries.
I already told you to use the dollar bill drill for a nicer extension and closer to the plate release.

Thanks for the props on my boy. You got it going on too. Look don’t rush it, 89 is great at your age, it’s the guy who tries to force it beyond where his body is ready to throw that gets injured. 89 is D-1 for sure if the grades and SAT/ACT is there. Keep being focused, develop a plan of action, get going on it adjust when necessary…I like box seats on the 1st base side :wink:

Jd, can you please walk me through the step behind drill? And by the way,
I have already verbally committed to attend school and play baseball for The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

I’ll do better than that I’ll show you, at about the 1:20 mark he begins the drill…
Congrats on the deal!!! You’re p coach will get you where you need to go, dedication hard work and stay on them grades!!!
Do us all proud man!
But do it for the love.

Jd I will make everyone proud. I’m just glad I get to be a 49er and part of a baseball program that is consistently in the top 25 D1 every year!! However, I don’t get how this step behind drill will help my get better seperation. I know I need to open my hips (front and back) while my shoulders stay closed but Im having a hard time with it

It will help you focus on adjusting your landing to open it up.
If you look at you knee lift it’s much lower than my sons (Though I am not suggesting you copy him) and he loads clearly when that happens, it allows him to open up without effecting his timing. IMO your ending up closed because your knee lift is low and to have good timing your foot hits closed or you’ll never get the timing right. Notice the low slide step you use does pretty much the same thing. Go to the thread I posted with Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson and Tom House, you see Ryan get his foot up…of course he does it to extreme.

jd, that last video you just posted, do you by chance remember those drills and what they were working on, say for instance the second one was working on hip shoulder seperation?

So you think by raising my leg lift this will help me get better seperation? Also, I will try the step behind drill work on landing open more

Work, the second is an example of proper torso orientation without having to be concerned about bottom half placement…also works for stilling the head, the third is the step behinds. I’ve never really seen a “drill” purposely designed for shoulder hip sep. I think because of the timing issue, one with the other so to speak. Though getting a proper power position at foot strike is ideal. So really step behinds I guess work on it as well as anything.

Husky, lift and load, it doesn’t mean be like Andy or Dantrelle Willis who is an extreme example of loading but I think you’ll find that your stride will comfortably lengthen and open and you’ll generate a bunch more momentum. Maybe even drive up that gun a notch who knows :wink:

I’ll work on getting my leg lift up to my chest. Now after my leg lift do i go straight down or just let it happen? I’ve been told by some people to go straight down with it then out.

It isn’t so much “get it to chest level” (Ryan did but I’d work more with the idea of what this brings and see where it goes), it’s more, use it to load that bottom half to get the extension and explosion, Andy also was up down and then out for a bit, he began using this modification and you can see the momentum he develops with it. I also want to caution you not to over rotate or over-load like Willis because it’s the other side of the coin and not conducive to efficient mechanics…it also screws up timing big time. Watch my son again particularly the in game stuff. He gets that lift leg "sling-shoting his momentum but he keeps it solid on the front side…that is the balance you should aim for…IN YOUR STYLE AND WAY!

This will give you seperation so you better be tubing and working those de-cells. I’m saying it again…it must be important…your body has to be ready to increase velocity.

Husky and JD,

Please forgive me for jumping in to a quality discussion but one thing I think is being missed here is how JD’s son drives his knee and foot toward 2nd base as his hip is going toward the plate. The height of the leg lift is important but so is the direction and how it places the hip, or hip pocket, in position to drive to the plate. To me this is much different and more powerful than lifting the the leg straight up and then driving the outside, or hip bone, to home plate.

JD- is this what you refer to as “loading”?

As JD has correctly identified be careful if you try this as it could lead to timing issues but the additional momentum generated by getting the hip going sooner may give you the additional velocity you’re looking for.

Indeed it is…it also “activates” the drive leg and involves it.

Thanks for describing in full, the completeness of the thought I was attempting to convey

We welcome you and your contributions here…it’s just as simple as that.
So thank you and I/we look forward to future contributions.