Trying to get signed

I was wondering how you guys think I should go about getting signed. I am shooting for the 2011 draft. I’m 20 years old and I haven’t throw a ball in a little over a year. How do you think should I go about doing the different phases from TUFFCUFFS during the next 18 or so months? Also, my old coach would take a bucket of balls and do long toss until his are was about to fall off. Then he’d ice/rest for 3-5 days go back at it. I tried it last year for a few weeks and it greatly increased my velocity. How and when should I insert that into my throwing program. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If these are legit posts you are making then you have a good bit of work to do.

You shouldn’t long toss until your arm falls off first of all…

If you want to be drafted or sign you have to be on a team. If you’re 20 i’ll assume you’re in college. You would also have to be a junior in college to be eligible for the draft, or turn 21 before the draft.

You have to be exposed to scouts if you plan on signing so you should start by getting on a team

That’s a horrible way to train.

If you are serious, I would say you have a very much uphill battle. Not throwing for over a year?? :shock:

If you long toss you shouldn’t do it till your arm falls off.

Ramp up to it over the course of several weeks, gradually increasing the amount and intensity (distance) of the throws. You should work you way up to throwing about 5 days/week. At least 2 of those days should be long toss days, with the other days just lighter throwing or some BP work at around maybe 70% effort working on your pitches.

Then you need to be playing against some good competition to get into game shape. Don’t expect to just go to an MLB tryout and get signed just because you did some long toss.

You very much have the next year at least of work ahead of you. If you aren’t hitting at least 89-90mph, and even then you better have good secondary pitches, I don’t know that I would even bother going to a tryout.

P.S. And this is only a little of the throwing aspect. You need to be hitting the weights hard and eating good quality food too. There’s also arm care and the rest of your body that needs conditioning on top of all of that.