Trying to get drafted

Hey guys im new to this forum but was wondering if i could get your guys’ help in trying to get drafted this next year. Im a senior in college at a div. 2 and it’s my last year trying to get picked up (in college). Im a 21 yr old 6’2 185-190 lbs. right handed pitcher. I got a fastball (4 seam and 2 seam), changeup, and slider. i throw above average velocity. fastball right now (im in fall ball right now) is around 87-89 and ive gotten it up to 90, changeup is the pitch im still working on. it hovers around 82-83 with some good break but im working on gettting it more consistent.

Now that i got my bio out of the way, i was wondering if you guys could give me some advice. I’ve talked to some scouts and they like my stuff but they would like me to gain a little more velocity on my fastball and theyd like to see me last a little longer in games with my stuff. I was thinkning about implementing a 6oz. weighted ball into my throwing program about 2-3 times a week (not too much, just about 10-15 throws after im done with my throwing program). I am also going to try to start throwing a football to get that wrist pronation to get my changeup a little bit more consistent.

Do you guys think this would be a good way to gain some velocity and work on my changeup? or should i focus more on my workouts to get the extra 2-3 mph?

Im also wondering how i should go about trying to get more movement on my pitches? i have a natural cut to my balls so i get some cutting action to my four seam fastball, but as you may notice, it affects my consistency with my 2 seam fastball and changeup because those pitches require some tail to them (ideally). also with the changeup, pronating is kind of tough to get consistent because my arm action is natural cut.
any suggestions to try to correct this?

as for weighted balls, DeRenne’s data showed that you need to use both overload (6oz) and underload(4 oz) balls.

Weball has a chart of how they were used although DeRenne did not find heavier balls (7 oz and up) helpful because they changed the mechanics too much.

I would also throw in medicine ball throws along with deadlift variations and hang cleans. Make sure you give yourself enough time to recover between sets and workouts. Also don’t forget to increase your calorie intake.

Here is an article about one of Eric Cressey’s kids that was in the same boat that you are.

I would suggest gaining some weight (in muscle mass of course) to help you reach your velocity goals with some weight training. I’ve noticed that they lighter I am, the slower I throw and the more stress I put on my arm. The more I weigh, the easier time I have throwing hard and my arm doesn’t hurt. I think getting you to 200 lbs would be an excellent way to increase velocity, if not even more weight would be fine, as long as you remain between 10-13% BF and get stronger with that weight.

Be careful with the weighted ball idea, I think it is great in theory but you have to be extremely mechanically sound in order to work with them. I know that most professional organizations frown on them because if the littlest thing is wrong with your delivery throwing a heavier ball is going to compound everything and wear on your shoulder and arm.

About gaining weight? Yes, that could help but be careful with it. I went into spring training last year the heaviest I’ve ever been (with same body fat %) and my vlo dropped a tick or 2, I proceeded to lose the weight throughout the season and my VLO climbed back up. Everybody has a comfortable weight zone their body needs to be in, in order to pitch. If you gain muscle mass, you might do it the wrong way and your arm might get tighter and not allow it to work on the mound.

Also some food for thought.

This is from an ESPN article.

"Strasburg, who was born in San Diego, pitched for West Hills High in Santee, about 10 miles northeast of the SDSU campus. He displayed flashes of brilliance his senior year, touching 90 mph with his fastball and posting a 1.68 ERA and 74 strikeouts in 62 innings.

But Strasburg also was carrying nearly 250 pounds on a 6-foot-4 frame."

“He shed nearly 30 pounds” and his velocity sky rocketed.

thanks for the replies. ya i am trying to gain some weight and it would be great to get up to 200 lbs. Im currently working on a diet planner that i can regulate my calories in order to get more “healthy” weight. The big thing for me right now is that i am looking for a solid workout routine. i have the Tuff Cuff manual and ive taken bits and pieces out of it and incorporated it into a similiar workout program and i put in a med ball program along with some physical therapy shoulder programs from a workout i got ahold of from a friend who got picked up by the Phillies.

I’ve been reading into some of what Eric Cressey says about his 4 stages of strength training, and it makes sense, but im trying to develop a program that i can put together without spending $300.

Strasburg was fat. He lost fat and gained a bunch of muscle, all while throwing a lot more and taking his nutrition seriously. That’s a ridiculously misleading quote.


If you want to get drafted, without question, you need to gain velocity. I would try the weighted ball idea, worth a shot for sure. Get in the gym kid!