Trying to get a scholarship

Hey guys, Im a senior in high school, 5ft 9 about 160 lbs. Within the past week I have really started to want to play ball in college (D2 is fine with me) but I feel like time is running out. I’m not doing fall ball because I feel like working out and doing long toss/weighted stuff works for me better…So, my thoughts are that I should do one or two showcases this fall and if nothing good happens then or during the season that I could find a team that could boost me up over summer to a scholarship. Any suggestions? I know that I threw consistently 81 with my 2 seam last spring but my advantage is a 66 mph change up. Im also guessing that I throw around 84/85 now. Please help!

Showcases really help. I had a kid that nobody knew and showcases helped him go from an unknown to a top 10 player in the state for his class. I would also get a list of colleges that you want to attend and see if they have any camps or anything like that. Coaches find a bunch of players in those camps

the one day on-campus showcases are your best value. don’t overlook the jucos

this might be a dumb question but what do prospect forms really do?

Get in contact with the coaches from the school you want to attend and go to their showcase/clinics. Make sure to interact with the coaches and hustle everywhere you go. The other players there may resent you for it but who cares what they think. Good Luck!

Good advice.

Since you’re a senior, make sure you have your academics in order as well (GPA, ACT/SAT, etc…)