Trying to be healthier


Well here is my story.
I was always a chubs when i was younger. Going into the Baseball season last year i was 185 LBs at 5ft tall…Yes i was a fatty i did not like myself for it and i was always sick because i never ate stuff that was ever really healthy for me…Then i decided after baseball which i was 180 i decided i would join football for the first time. I weight trained in the summer doing the 3 main lifts (Bench, Squat, and Cleans). Alot of people told me that i was never going to get better at baseball by doing those lifts and that benching is horrible for pitching and if you ever become stronger you will just be bulky and will have no flexibility. Well that is not what i think. First time i ever lifted i was Benching 65, Squatting 85 and Cleaning 80. I am now Benching 145, Squatting 280 (until i recorded myself and my squat was garbage so im starting all over) and Cleaning 135. Now i know that i am not that strong but it has really helped me. From the start of last summer to coming out of football i WAS 5ft 180 and now im 5ft5 (growth spirt :D) 164. I am still 164-165 and i plan on keeping it at that. Im still going to train for both sports because i do not train with the bench to be a power lifter. I really focus on strength and speed and flexibility (because i was a Wide Reciever.) And i have to admit, it has helped my health, it has made me feel better about myself and it has raised my velocity in pitching.

Now here is my question.
I sing the national anthem at alot of the basketball games and then i usually stay after because its enjoyable watching our games. And well i always like to treat myself to a treat for working so hard in the weightroom and trying to eat and stay healthy. And well usually i would get a pop. But pop is so bad for you so i was wondering if the powdered Gatorade would be a good substitute. I know it is alot better and cheaper than a pop. And well i know water would be the best solution but i have to drink so much of that for choir and my singing lessons/performances and such (I might major in Music just incase baseball does not work out i will have something to fall on). So just drink a bottle of the powder gatorade instead of the bottle of pop?

Also how about the singles you can buy to put into your water like the grean tea or grape flavorite. Would those benifit me health wise or would they just make me gain more weight?

Any advise you guys give me would be very appreciated!


Congratulations on your weight loss and your determination to be healthier.

Drink gatorade before during or after your workouts, not as a substitute for a coke. The Green Tea I think is a good substitute for a coke. Also look into the flavored waters (non-carbonated) I really like Nestle’s “Fruit splash” and mix them 50/50 with regular water.

In regards to your workouts, I would add plyometrics (google plyometrics), core exercises (you tube search “Bob Lovelace”) and add “Jobes” exercises and light resistance band work to your routine as well.

Keep up the good work.



Thanks Scott! I really hope i can keep it going!

Any more replys would be great also!


Putting lemon in your water will dry out your throat to an extent, allowing you to drink more. Trust me when your body feels dehydrated or dry it doesn’t care what it is. That is a great way I tell people if they don’t like drinking water.

Sad thing is once you start drinking pop it turns into what for me at least is drinking water. Some people drink pop as much as I drink water. That then appears to be the normal for the body so they have trouble without it. Just like how I feel crappy when I drink a lot of pop. People that drink a lot of pop feel bad when the don’t drink it.

I’m not sure how much soda you drink but I wouldn’t use that much Gatorade either. It would be very beneficial for you to get in a habit of drinking just water. But it is not very easy. Not one bit.


you might look into omega 3 supplementation (fish oil) and possibly a whole food concentrate like SUPERFOOD by Biotest or JuicePlus.


+1 on the Omega 3 fish oils…



+1 on the Omega 3 fish oils…


What about um? I take creatine and a good protein and carb mix but I have never thought about fish oils. How beneficial are they?

To not jack this thread still on topic.


Green tea is extremely good for you and it also raises your metabolism. I’ve seen a few people brew it and keep it in a nalgene bottle all day at school. It’s pretty good iced (you can use a little sugar if it’s too strong for you).


I started doing this about a month ago, and put a little honey in it.